Lecture 1

“An Adoration of the Orient: The Chinese Taste Reflected in Western Ceramics”

In this talk, Leslie Grigsby will focus upon
Chinese ceramics and selected other Asian artwork, such as lacquer ware, as
important inspirations for Western ceramic design during the 17th
through early 19th centuries. English and Continental
European earthenware, stoneware and porcelain in useful and decorative shapes
will feature largely in the discussion.
Also included will be Chinese porcelain bearing ornament which was
applied in the West.

Lecture 2

“Classic Beauty: Antiquity as an inspiration for Ceramic Design“

The impact of ancient Greek and Roman design on
later European ceramics—whether in terms of vessel shapes, surface ornament, or
figural subjects—cannot be overstated. In this presentation, Grigsby will
discuss some of the range of classical ceramics, sculptures, and other artwork
influencing English and Continental earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain of
the 1600s through early 1800s.

Lecture 3

“The Image of Perfection: Ceramic Figures as a Reflection of
18th- & 19th-Century Society”

In this presentation, Leslie
Grigsby will consider a selection of popular Western (European) subjects that
were frozen into figural form and considers what such objects may have meant to
their original owners. Inspired by
themes dating from antiquity onward, such figures were interwoven into the
larger context of 18th- and 19th-century design history.

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